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Prof. (Iran) Dr. rer. nat. Reza Soleimani

Prof. (Iran) Dr. rer. nat. Soleimani is a certified embryologist by American College of Embryology. He did his doctorate in medical sciences at the University of Ghent in Belgium. He also performed postdoctoral fellowship at New York Medical College in field of fertility preservation in cancer patients. He is a visiting professor in the field of reproductive biology in Iran and continually is supporting many students and scientific researchers from various disciplines in research projects worldwide. In addition to clinical embryology, medical biotechnology is of his area of expertise.

Dr. Soleimani was IVF laboratory manager of a fertility clinic in Hessen until he started Freyja IVF Hagen with Dr. med. Birgit Lühr.

His desire for research led him to spend many years working on scientific research projects on reproductive biology and human genetics worldwide, many of which have been published in high-profile journals such as Human Reproduction, Aging, PLOS One and Biology of Reproduction “.

Dr. Soleimani has developed many innovative scientific techniques and medical products. These include specialized embryo culture media, embryo transfer catheters, new techniques of sperm diagnostics, and semen processing methods that have had a major impact during pregnancy rates in IVF/ ICSI treatments.

As an entrepreneur, he is the founder of several successful companies around the world. These companies are continuing to make innovative technologies in the field of assisted reproductive technology (ART) to assist fertility clinics to achieve greater success rate.

Prof. Dr. Soleimani has been actively involved in establishment, upgrading and optimizing fertility clinics, academic research laboratories, industrial product lines, and scientific companies worldwide. He continues to train many successful clinical embryologists, researchers and academics. His main passion is the continuous development of new diagnostic methods and techniques that improve the success of fertility treatments. He is interested in and actively participates in multi-center research projects in all aspects of transitional medical research in the field.

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