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Dr. med. Birgit Lühr

Dr. B. Lühr is a Consultant Gynecologist with a special training in Gynecological Endocrinology, Reproductive Medicine as well as traditional Chinese Medicine & Acupuncture. Since 2008, she has been exclusively focusing on fertilty and female endocrine disorders.

Her path began with medical studies at the Ruhr University Bochum. Parallel to her studies, she completed her training in traditional Chinese medicine and wrote her phD on acupuncture for failed back surgery. In addition to conventional Western medicine, traditional Chinese medicine gave her a holistic approach to the diagnosis and treatment of functional disorders and complaints, such as fertility and endocrine disorders.

As a doctor, she worked for years in clinics in England and Australia, as well as in Spain and Germany. Medical consultations with patients can offered in English, Spanish and French in addition to German.

After a period as the deputy head of a fertility center in Hessen she founded Freyja IVF fertility clinic together with Dr. rer. nat. R. Soleimani in Hagen.

Her great interest in natural healing methods has led her through a wide range of complementary medicine as well as to yoga and meditation. These activities opened her horizons for different treatment approaches in fertility therapy.

She has published two books “Naturally Through Menopause” and “Free From Emotional Pain”.

Her passion is the continuous development of a holistic medicine around fertility, which takes scientific and emotional and aspects into equal account.

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