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Fertility treatment within a cryo cycle requires frozen, fertilized eggs. No egg retrieval is required within a cryo cycle, only  a preparation of the uterus. The preparation of the uterus can be done by your own body within your natural cycle, because usually your body prepares each month for a possible implantation. Previously cryopreserved fertilized eggs can be cultured further and transfered after preparation of your uterus.  

We will monitor your cycle and egg development with the help of an ultrasound examination and blood analysis to determine the best time for the embryo transfer. Usually a single ultrasound appointment is sufficient. The scientific literature shows that the pregnancy rates are slightly higher in the natural cycle than in a hormonally prepared cycle. To support the implantation, a low-dose of progesterone might be prescribed in addition.

However, some women need hormonally assisted preparation of the uterus which can be done either with the help of hormone pills or a low-dose injection therapy.

Some women profit from using the hormone assisted preparation of the uterus as they develop a thicker uterine lining, which is advantagous for implantation.

We will gladly advise you about the most suitable procedure for your circumstances during a personal medical consultation.

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